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Joseph Myers

Independent Investment Professional


Client Centered

We look to build a Portfolio of companies with track records of good, sustainable, and historical dividends.

Our goal is to have a current yield on each Portfolio we manage greater than the current yield of the S&P 500 as a whole.

We look to companies where management has historically been friendly to shareholders and as a business philosophy, favor the sharing of profits through distributions to we, the owners.

We screen for historical raises of the dividends as a potential hedge against inflation. We look for future earnings growth that may enable dividends to be increased.

Client Centered

Dividends is just another word for Cash Flow. Cash Flow is very important to our clients' goals.

Cash Flow can make a current lifestyle and retirement more comfortable. Cash Flow can also make planning for retirement easier. While good quality stocks, tend to increase in value over time, there are times of volatility. We seek to take some of the volatility out of the planning process, by focusing upon the safe· harbor of consistent and steady Cash Flow.

We run your Portfolio like a Business. Business owners look to ever-increase the Cash Flow in their business. It is this increasing stream that a would-be buyer can value, and is willing to pay a premium.

Client Centered

Our Goal for your Portfolio is to search for stocks that have increased Cash Flow in the past, find reasonable current yields above the Market as a whole, and research for earnings growth that will support future growing Cash Flow.

Strict adherence to our Goals and Philosophy sets upon the path that is likely to result in more valuable Portfolios over time.

In every way, as Stewards of your money, we run your Portfolio like a Business.

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